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Label Serie LS29S - Large Shopping Bag Long Handles

38 cm 10 cm 29cm cm
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Label Serie LS29S

Give yourself plenty of time to browse the shops with this large shopping bag with long handles . More than just a container for purchases, this item is a real fashion accessory, to go with your city outfit in style. This large shopping bag reflects a very feminine design with its two-tone style , where the handle and the width on the base reveal the same color. The port is done across the shoulder, using its two long handles , to easily carry other loads by hand. You won't risk tearing this bag inadvertently, because it was designed with 100% polypropylene material . This robust construction also inherits a disconcerting lightness, thanks to the weight of 70g/m². Without transforming the original design of the bag, customization is highly recommended. You have two printing surfaces, in particular on each distinct color, and according to the dimensions that suit you.

Reference: LS29S
Manufacture: 100% polypropylene
Weight: 70gsm
Dimensions: 38 x 10 x 29cm

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